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About us

Weirs Beach Jet Ski Rentals was founded in 2020 by the Founders of Wolfeboro Jet Ski Rentals.


 While renting Jet-Ski’s in Florida on a family vacation Kyle Drouin realized that there was no place to participate in this activity in his home town Wolfeboro, NH. Wolfeboro, “The Oldest Summer Resort in America” has been providing a peaceful place for tourists to enjoy their summer since it was founded in 1759. Tourists come up to visit Wolfeboro to enjoy Lake Winnipesaukee and the classic lake town. There was something that the town of Wolfeboro was lacking. What if tourists want to see the rest of the lake? Renting a boat is a great way to do so but that can become very expensive. Tourists can enjoy the lake by swimming, riding the Mount Washington Cruise Ship, but what else was there to do? Those activities don't satisfy everyone. We are your solution. We realized that the cheapest way for tourists or even a local to get out on the lake was by Jet Skis. Jet Ski’s are a fun and safe way to get out on the water in a fast, efficient way. Our Jet Ski’s are the most fuel-efficient Jet Ski’s you can get and are easy to use. Wolfeboro Jet Ski Rentals thrives to get anyone out on the lake and enjoy what we call Lake Life!